Lisa came to visit Lance, spent quite allot of time with him. Decided he would be a good fit into her family. She left with him and over the next few weeks emailed to say things were going great. "Hi Terry! I just wonted to let you know that Lance is doing great. He is fitting in well and is a very good boy. Please let me know when you got his last shots I need to take in Scooby as well and would like to get them all on the same schedule. It makes life easier.Thanks, Lisa"
Well guess she changed her mind and decided to totally disregard the contract as Lance was dumped at the Colorado Springs Humane Society as a stray. When he was brought in he was covered on his backend with dried fecees. Well, once again, Thank GOD for micro chips, they called me to get his information. I gave them Lisa's information as I had it on the contract. Well needless to say, wrong address, wrong phone number and of course, she didn't go looking for him and reclaim him.
Lance has since been adopted and finally has a wonderful loving "FOREVER" home!