It all started with a phone call I received on Sunday, May 4th. Jennifer Wolf called and was quite upset. She relayed this story to me- Zoey had cut her leg awhile back and she required emergency medical treatment, which Jennifer said was over $800.00. She said she had used the money for her car payment to pay the bill. Now she had re-injured the leg and it is open and bleeding and Jennifer said they did not have the money to take her back to the Vet to have it taken care of. I told her to bring her back to me immediately. Jennifer and her sister brought Zoey back to me later that day. When they arrived, myself and my husband looked at Zoey's leg and Yes, it had not healed yet and the stitches didn't hold the wound closed and yes she needed care ASAP. Jennifer was very upset about the whole thing and was upset at the idea of having to give up their dog. I told her, let me see what my Vets have to say and we'll see what we can work out. Jennifer was very grateful.
The next morning I took Zoey to my Vet to be evaluated. My Vet said that due to where the cut was, the wound need to be cleaned and re-stitched and the stitches should be left in for a minimum of 3 weeks. We had the surgery done to repair Zoey's leg and also had her spayed at the same time to save her from having to go under the anesthesia a second time. The surgery came to a total of $294.80. When we got home from the Vet that evening, I emailed Jennifer and James and told them the surgery went well and that is came to a total of $294.80. I asked them if they wanted to keep Zoey? and they said Yes! I said we can work out monthly payments to pay for the bill. They were very happy and grateful. James and Jennifer and their children came to pick Zoey up a few days later. Jennifer said we want to get this paid quick, we get paid every other Tuesday and I will send you $50.00 every 2 weeks. If we get the government stimulus check, we will just pay it all. They were to take her back to my Vet  for the re-check in 10 days and then again a while later, which they did not have to pay for.
I emailed them over the course of the next couple weeks to check in on Zoey and see how the re-checks were going. All was well Jennifer said. Well days went by and weeks went by and no payment from the Wolfs. I sent emails asking why, only to be told what a bad person I was for "hounding" them and making them feel "humiliated" (What?) They sent me an email saying how awful I was for asking them about the payments. Jennifer said I will send you a check and then keep sending them until it is paid for and that she was not going to respond to any more of my emails. Jennifer sent a $100.00 check on June 14th, 2008. and that was it. I have sent repeated emails and absolutely no response.
So, here it is folks, this is what you get for trying to be a "nice guy"