**Most Wanted**
The people listed here have blatantly violated the adoption contract they signed with Penrose Great Danes and in doing so, have shown total disrespect and lack of regard to the loyal loving dogs they adopted and promised to give "Forever Homes" to.
Tracey Koehn 10503 Westpark Dr.  unit 824  Houston, TX 97082  760-586-6971
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Donna Farmer 4731 B Belcher St. FT Carson, CO 80913 719-200-8847
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This is their name(s) and last known address/phone
Do you know these people? Are they your friends/neighbors??
Taleen Collins 4 Tiempo Rd. Jarles, NM 88101 505-321-7155
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Lisa Loflin Peyton Highway Colorado Springs, CO. 80916 719-
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Randy Beem 648 Syracuse St. Colorado Springs, CO 80911 719-390-0268
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Betty "BJ" Lewis 5111 Austerlitz Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80923 719-375-3442
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James and Jennifer Wolf
6372 Hannah Rose Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80923 719-351-1750
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